John Frame and Triperspectivalism

I recently was trying to hunt down an intro article or short primer on triperspectivalism (John Frame’s epistemological system) for a friend of mine and could not find much. Frame is one of the big gun professors here at RTS, and I have found his framework to be very helpful. Short of suggesting reading the majority of The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (a hefty read), I had nothing except this blurb on John Frame’s Wikipedia site. So, I shot an email to Frame, and he kindly gave me this quick response:

Thanks for your interest. You’re right; there is no “article length” introduction. That’s a major need. Maybe I’ll do it sometime—or maybe you will!

I don’t know how helpful that would be…

Failing that, here are some fairly short introductions.
1. My fairly-short book Perspectives on the Word of God (Wipf and Stock). This is also online. (Part 2 and Part 3)

2. An old ETS lecture which was one of the “seeds” of DKG [Doctrine of the Knowledge of God], here.

3. A Wikipedia article, written by one of my students,

4. Vern Poythress’s fairly short book, Symphonic Theology [scroll to the bottom].
Hope some of these are helpful.

Blessings in the Lord,

John Frame

First of all, to have such easy access to a mind like John Frame is surprising and awesome. Second of all, those are some really good links. When in doubt, ask the man.

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