How to transform into a zombie.

Zombie Supplies
2 options: 1- get bit by an existing zombie and become undead. 2- buy some clothes from local thrift store (recommended).

Sharp Objects
Prepare your instruments of destruction: hammer, pocket knife, lighter, scissors and Dremel tool (not pictured). Must use game face.

Background Research
Don’t forget to play dress-up! Uh, I mean, figure out where your destruction will occur. Or something.

Zombie Tie

Zombie Shoes
Some before and after shots of zombie destruction.

Yet more zombie clothes...

Don’t forget your claw marks in there. Use liberal amounts of your favorite shade of red paint for blood. And you can’t forget the makeup…

Zombie Peeps

…or the fellow undead.

Now spend countless hours learning the dance to Thriller, rewrite the lyrics to create an ironically funny song about the end times (including nerdy tribulation jokes), and act like a fool for your entire church:

And because you want another angle:

I’m sure there will be more pictures/video to come.

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