This is a little thing I came up with this morning. The resonator riff is a remnant of when I used Ryan’s guitar.I recorded a bunch of mini-ideas that I could experiment with later on.  So 4 months later, I’m getting the feel of a hip-hop beat with paperbag-like drums.

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If one were to analyze (over-analyze?) this piece, these would be my thoughts (but I didn’t go into this piece wanting to create this idea, this is kind of me attempting to analyze my work as if I’ve never heard it before, post-production):

The guitar riff could be seen as our life- we start out with no memory or experiences, become mature and (some drums enter) create memories and experiences.  As we progress in life, it does get more complicated (adding the second group of drums), and though we are still ourselves (the guitar riff unchanging throughout), the overall total melody is different.  As we grow older and older, aspects of life might not be as complicated for we can sort out and discern experiences better, but remnants of our past experiences stay with us (back to the simplified drum beat with reverb).  Then, when our life is over (the guitar stops), our experiences and memories live on after us with those who we’ve had these experiences with.

4 thoughts on “9.20.08

  1. This is cool. I like it. I took a summer class from Jeremy Begbie at Regent College 2 years ago, and had to do an assignment that was similar to what you’re doing here. I had to create a piece of art that illustrated some theological idea. So I made a little guitar piece, not too dissimilar from yours, and used other sound layers and whatnot, to musically depict Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection. It was a fun exercise. It’s cool that you can go a step beyond just making good sounding music – you can also flesh out ideas and even theology through the actual compositions. Word.

  2. @Keith: Holy crap that class must have been the sweetness. I read a bunch of Begbie’s books for Reggie’s Worship class and got addicted. He put words to what I’ve tried/felt to do for most of my life.
    Thanks for the kind words! I’d love to hear what you think of these other ideas.

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