New Song: God, the Father, Creator

This song has been updated, check it out here.
I wanted to write a worship song that dealt with the Trinity, not only substantive considerations, but also in the actions of the Godhead. I chose to devote one verse to each Person, then a separate verse about their unity. I did some reading of what the Westminster Confession had on this subject, as well as the Nicene Creed‘s formulation of Trinitarian relationships. Most of the meat behind the words are based on these two documents.

Originally, I wanted to have each verse offer a praise, request and statement of character from each Member, but didn’t adhere too hard to that idea.

Originally the title was God, the Sovereign Creator, but wanted to give more of a Trinitarian bent, so I changed the title (and first line) to God, the Father, Creator.

It’s a pretty short song, as the lyrics come kind of quick. Maybe it would be smart to start and finish the song with the last verse, further illustrating the diversity and unity within the Godhead.

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And here’s the lyrics:

God, the Father, Creator
Of my life and so much more
With all creation we bow our knee
And give rightful praise to Thee

Jesus, come and wash away
Every sin your blood has paid
A perfect life for imperfect man
Redeeming those according to God’s plan

Holy Spirit, the giver of life
With Father, Son is glorified
Come breathe new life into old
That we may abound in hope

God, Three in One perfect Trinity
In substance, power and eternity
God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To You we give our all and utmost

15 thoughts on “New Song: God, the Father, Creator

  1. greg,
    thanks for the stimulating words to think about. Keep up the good work I really enjoyed the song. You need to copyright it fast because I’m going to snag it for Creekside. Of course only with your permission. Miss you, Steveo

  2. Steve, glad you liked it…I’ve got a few others I want to post up soon. I’d be humbled if you’d snag it for Creekside.
    Andy (aka “let me some of that”), I’ll post a chord sheet soon so you can have they.

  3. Well done, Greg. Looking forward to singing this together. It seems like it would be a good call to worship. I would love to see our network of friends who are involved in worship start writing more songs like this and playing each others’ songs.

    Your voice sounds really good on this recording too you’ve really tightened up your singing

  4. Again I’m humbled by what comes out of you. I love it! I forgot what a great guitarist you are. Your voice has gotten much stronger. Lovin’ it.

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