New Song: God, the Father, Creator part 2

I think this is fitting in light of my last post on the Trinity and a capella singing
When I first posted the song, God, the Father, Creator a few months back, two friends of mine, Steve and Max, thought the song needed more.  And it did need something more.  I had a string of verses and they added a chorus and bridge.  I felt that the bridge didn’t work as well with the rest of the song, but the chorus works great. I moved the verses around, too, making a Trinity sandwich: first and last verses on the Trinity and the verses in between dedicated to each Person.

I also think this revision requires a new name, God, the Father, Creator was used just because it was the first line.  Maybe God, Three in One? Help me out on that.

So below is the new version, co-written by myself, Steve Hedges and Max Billingsley.  You can also download the updated chord chart.

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download this song

download the chord chart


God, Three in One perfect Trinity
In substance, power and eternity
God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To You we give our all and utmost

And who are we to come before Thee?
And yet you call us now to come
Bought at a price, we are adopted
Sons and daughters, chosen ones

God, the Father, Creator
Of my life and so much more
With all creation we bow our knee
And give rightful praise to Thee

Jesus, come and wash away
Every sin your blood has paid
A perfect life for imperfect man
Redeeming those according to God’s plan

Holy Spirit, the giver of life
With Father, Son is glorified
Come breathe new life into old
That we may abound in hope

God, Three in One perfect Trinity
In substance, power and eternity
God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To You we give our all and utmost

7 thoughts on “New Song: God, the Father, Creator part 2

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  2. Excellent! I love the chorus and the whole thing just has a better arch both musically and lyrically. It just makes sense this way. We had the gospel band this morning (which is to say county gospel not black gospel) and I can hear them doing this. I’m going to send this along to our worship director.

  3. Tim, excited that you like it and want to send it along! We’re doing bluegrass next week, and I’ll be using the song again…really looking forward to that.

  4. Just a thought I had… the ‘Thee”s in the chorus and then the following are touch awkward, since the English speaking world hasn’t used that language for a long time. I kinda get the throwback feel of it, so if that’s what you’re going for then keep it as it. If not, maybe change them to more modern singular pronouns. The chorus is easy because it doesn’t rhyme with anything and “you” is similarly one syllable. Verse 2 poses more of a problem. Yet, because you also use close rhymes in the other verses it doesn’t necessarily have to match one-to-one with Thee. Does that make sense? Let me know what you think man.

  5. Graham, thanks for the revision thoughts, I love that the most about this site.
    The “Thee”s are definitely for an old-time feel (or maybe olde time), as well as the inversion of verbs and subjects, and some of the other vocabulary. It’s supposed to go with the flavor of the music. I think that will come out more when doing a bluegrass version.

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