New Song: Lord, We Come to You

This song is based on Psalm 107, and I wanted to write a song where the order of verses played a large part of the song, as much as the music or lyrics.
In this attempt to do that, verse 2 answers the problems outlined in the verse 1. Verse 2 is all past tense as well, focusing on how the Lord has already delivered us, allowing the past to paint our future. All of what God gives us or delivers us from is grounded in the fact that He is our Father and as we meditate on His faithfulness in our past, we can more surely trust him for our present and future.

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This is a massive theme in the Bible, especially the Old Testament. We are His and He loves us, just as the father seeks to impart wisdom to the son in Proverbs, He also is our Protector, our Provision, our Deliverer.

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1:
Lord, we come to You
Poor and wandering
And we sing to You
For a city to dwell in
In the darkness and alone
We are hungry
Despairing with no home
We are thirsty

Bridge 1
Our souls faint within
Needing pardon from sin
O Lord, deliver us
In You we trust, for

You call us Your own

Verse 2
Your grace provides food
To those in famine
You lead the homeless to
The city You’ve established
You raised the needy up
Out of their anguish
You sent out Your Word
And You healed us

Bridge 2
Our song you have heard
Your love invincible
Brought out of darkness and death
Relieved our distress, for

You call us Your own

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