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Ampersand from Old & New, Vol. I

Ampersand from Old & New, Vol. I

Ampersands. I love them. When I was thinking of doing a new music project based on old texts and new music, I immediately thought of an ampersand (You know, this thing: &). So what’s the deal with the cover? I’m glad you asked, let me explain myself.

It all started with the idea: I’ve had lots of songs that I’ve crafted from old hymn texts, metrical psalms or older poems…how could I develop them further and get them out? How’s bouts three EP length releases? Sounds good to me. So it began.

The project itself was a combination of old and new, I really wanted to get at this reciprocity: new life being breathed into old pages…sounds like a metaphor for something, right? Well, the ampersand seemed like a no brainer, I just wasn’t sure how to exactly implement it. How to bring these two worlds together and illustrate their similarity while doing justice to their differences? I chose an a modern sans-serif to represent the “new.” It’s the green one, set in the lovely Futura. I chose an older looking serif to represent the “old.” That’s the blue one, set in Packard Antique that I found free on the web.

These two symbols have a back and forth kind of play, maybe even becoming a new creation in itself. Sounds like a metaphor for something. So this is the close up of the first EP, there will be two more, each with their own variation of color. This first one is free and you can snag it here at the store. You can also listen to the tracks below.

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