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I have been in the process of writing and recording a set of albums, Old & New, setting new music to older hymns and texts. I recently released my second of three and wanted to write a little about why I spent so much time devoted to old stuff (see other posts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI). You can get download both of the albums for free here: gregwillson.bandcamp.com. This post is on the last track, Remember Me.

There are times in our lives where we feel that our world is wildly out of control. There are trials that I have been in where I could not do anything to change my environment. Sometimes there are also times where the consequences of an intense trial can be even worse than the trial itself. And when you combine the two, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I’ve been in situations where I can’t handle the present, and the future is just as bleak. It bears down and makes it hard to breathe.

It is in these moments where we must ask ourselves where our foundation ultimately is found. If it’s on us, it will be unbearable. And maybe we’ll come out okay but at what cost? If our foundation is built upon our good Father, things may still feel unbearable and we may not make it out okay, but we will be provided for. We are not forgotten, not set aside.

As believers we are cared for by the most powerful and most loving Being ever to exist. We can (and will) fail, He will not. We can (and will) make stupid mistakes, He will not. Our love for Him will wax and wane, His love for us will not. We are in His hands always, especially when we are going through the hard parts of our lives.

This is where Remember Me comes from. Using words from Thomas Haweis in the late 1700s, I found great comfort in their truth. And I wanted to do more than find comfort in them, I wanted to sing them. I wanted its song to be my own because I can’t trust myself to believe these things on my own. So as I sing it I believe it. I hope this can be of similar comfort and joy to you.

O Thou from whom all goodness flows
I lift my soul to Thee
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes
Good Lord, remember me

When on my groaning, burdened heart
My sins lie heavily
My pardon speak, new peace imparts
In love remember me

When trials sore obstruct my way
And ills I cannot flee
Oh, give me strength, Lord, as my day
For good remember me

Distressed with pain, disease and grief
This feeble body see
Grant patience, rest and kind relief
Hear and remember me

If on my face for Thy dear name
Shame and reproaches be
All hail reproach and welcome shame
If Thou remember me

The hour is near, consigned to death
I own the just decree
Savior with my last parting breath
I’ll cry, remember me

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