Jumping Off

I created the website. I drafted the first support letter. So…we’re really doing this?

Christina and I have been through some trials the past couple of years that severely eroded our safety and security in this world. So why in the world would we want to get into church planting? Why would we leap off the cliff of stability into the rocky world of planting a new church? Surely it’s not because we are extraordinarily heroic. In fact, we can probably say that it’s because of our recent trials that we feel led to go this way. God often uses times of intense suffering to draw us closer to Him. 2 Corinthians 1 teaches that as we share in suffering, we also share in His comfort.

God’s comfort is something powerful. As He draws us closer, we are gathered closer to the Father’s heart. God’s heart beats for His mission. And His mission being worked out in our lives means wanting to see more people come to the knowledge of their Creator. We want to see the light of the Gospel of Christ shine into areas that have been overlooked and forgotten. We want to see the church move into places that have been disenfranchised and dismissed. We want to help create a community of believers who will move into these spaces.

So we simultaneously stand at the end of one cliff while looking up at another. Raising support? Moving to a new city? The task of leading a church plant? All of these (and more!) threaten to overtake us. But nothing outside of the Spirit of God working in us would drive us to something so clearly against human logic. And nothing else will sustain us through times that will most likely be vulnerable and rocky.

2 thoughts on “Jumping Off

  1. I am very excited for the two of you. I pray Godspeed for you. I pray that the riches of heaven, in its various forms, be poured out on your behalf. You guys stayed faithful, never running away from God, or turning your back to Him in adversity. May you be abundantly blessed. I pray fruitfulness like you could never imagine. I pray that you fall more and more deeply in love with each other and our Savior.
    in Him

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