Last American Thanksgiving

My last American Thanksgiving was a normal Thanksgiving. There wasn’t any kind of grand revelation or overflow of emotion. It was a typical holiday well spent.

Last American ThanksgivingThese normal rhythms of familial celebrations will soon be disrupted, though. Next year, living in a new country with a new child surrounded by all sorts of new people, we will most definitely feel the loss of normality. I have fond memories of driving to our grandparents’ house as a child, seeing aunts, uncles and cousins, enjoying each other (as well as annoying each other). Our child won’t have those kind of memories, and there’s a type of loss in that. And especially the longer we stay in England, which is indefinite for now, something like Thanksgiving will be more foreign to our British child.

But more important than the loss are the new kinds of memories and traditions that will be forged through leaving our home. Our child will (hopefully) understand the importance of serving the kingdom of God and will (hopefully) experience the joy of being able to do so in this particular way. Not too many people get to leave their country and make a home in another one. There is a loss in there to be sure, but there is a blessing in there just as sure.

Our rhythms will be disrupted, a disruption that will possibly be felt for the rest of our lives. But the cracks in our lives, as deep as they might be, are never too deep for the overflowing grace that God gives His sons and daughters.

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