Where Does The Money Go?

Where Does The Money Go?Anything that anyone gives goes directly to Greg’s salary to serve God’s church in Manchester. All control of Greg’s funds is overseen by Riverside Community Church, and no goods or services are given in return. All contributions are tax deductible. Gifts that you contribute will go towards things like this:

  • lead small group communities in doctrine, mission and community
  • engage with artist communities
  • being involved in our neighborhood through evangelism and discipleship
  • assisting in preaching, helping lead worship leaders, pastoring other ministry leaders
  • continue to work out plans for the future plant
  • learn how to contextualize in our new city

Most importantly, the money goes toward seeing a new church get started in Manchester. We are working towards cultivating a community that will call new believers to Christ and invigorate existing believers to live more in the light of the redemption we have in Christ.

Interested in joining our support team?