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Greg Willson doesn’t have a hometown. He grew up moving around the eastern U.S. This created a listlessness, a hunger for permanency as well as a desire for adventure. Eventually this fertile ground gave rise to songs that wrestled with the concept of “home”—our longings, disappointments and celebrations. Home is a full length collection written in order to understand these very ideas.

His musical palette is fundamentally acoustic, singer/songwriter driven. Home explores a larger sonic path, with saxophones, concertinas, gritty guitars and ample percussion. The 10 tracks range from melancholy to thoughtful to boisterous.

Greg has been involved in solo and band projects in the past (most notably, The OaKs). He moved from Columbia, SC to Manchester, England in 2015, thanks to support from sales of this album. Writing Home enabled him to leave his own.

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