Frame and Triperspectivalism

In this post, I relayed some good info out on the web regarding John Frame and Vern Poythress’s Triperspectivalism. I originally emailed Dr. Frame to ask him if there was a decent article-length primer on the subject, but he said that there was nothing out there, until now. Frame emailed me a few days ago with a copy of a Word Document: A Primer on Perspectivalism, available on the resources page. It’s a great intro to the perspectivalism-framework. It can also function kind of like an intro to John Frame’s basic ideas concerning knowledge, ethics, even his intro to systematics. Soon you too can be seeing everything in triangles.

Frame’s works by themselves are impressive, but what is even more impressive to me is his concern for the Christian community, taking time to write a simple introduction when he surely has many things on his plate. A great model for all of us who are “too busy.”

John Frame and Triperspectivalism

I recently was trying to hunt down an intro article or short primer on triperspectivalism (John Frame’s epistemological system) for a friend of mine and could not find much. Frame is one of the big gun professors here at RTS, and I have found his framework to be very helpful. Short of suggesting reading the majority of The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (a hefty read), I had nothing except this blurb on John Frame’s Wikipedia site. So, I shot an email to Frame, and he kindly gave me this quick response:

Thanks for your interest. You’re right; there is no “article length” introduction. That’s a major need. Maybe I’ll do it sometime—or maybe you will!

I don’t know how helpful that would be…

Failing that, here are some fairly short introductions.
1. My fairly-short book Perspectives on the Word of God (Wipf and Stock). This is also online. (Part 2 and Part 3)

2. An old ETS lecture which was one of the “seeds” of DKG [Doctrine of the Knowledge of God], here.

3. A Wikipedia article, written by one of my students,

4. Vern Poythress’s fairly short book, Symphonic Theology [scroll to the bottom].
Hope some of these are helpful.

Blessings in the Lord,

John Frame

First of all, to have such easy access to a mind like John Frame is surprising and awesome. Second of all, those are some really good links. When in doubt, ask the man.