Transition Time

a poster made by our friends

a poster made by our friends

The latest update from us has just been emailed out. If you aren’t on that email list and are interested, you can sign up at

We are less than a month out from making the move to Columbia, South Carolina. We’re also getting closer to our support goal, we’re right near 80%. If you’d be interested in helping with that gap, here’s more info.

You can read the email update online here.

Dots on the Horizon

Our new place in Columbia!

Our new place in Columbia!

The newest update is out. If you aren’t on that list yet, you can join up here: I send monthly-ish email updates out and would love for anyone to read them and pray through it with us. It takes a community to build a community.

For us, things are starting to materialize- even literally, with finding a house to rent (pictured at the right). Plans are being made, things are coming together. Financial support is coming through, though we still need to raise 30%. God is good and He provides, and that’s what we’re leaning on. You can read the newest email here.

Halfway there!

I just sent out our newest email update…wait, you’re not on our email list? Sign up here! The exciting news is that we are officially over the 50% mark in our fund raising. It has been incredibly exciting to see how God has been providing for us through His people. Practically every meeting or conversation we’ve had has been so encouraging, God keeps telling us that we’re on the right path. If you weren’t on the email list but wanted to read the update, you can check it out here.

We continue to be amazed and humbled at the generosity of all who are in this adventure with us. And even though the giving of time, prayers, money or anything else goes to me and Christina, it doesn’t end with me and Christina. It goes out to others, to those who are far off, to the homeless, the wandering and the thirsty. This is bigger than us. Indeed, even bigger than a church plant. This is God’s Spirit moving in the world for His glory. Praise God for allowing us to play a (small) part in it!