We Ought to be Overwhelmed

There is a good side to being overwhelmed even though it almost always has a negative connotation in our culture. In spite of my own reactions, I believe we ought to embrace being overwhelmed. See, in my own life, I mostly try and avoid this feeling and for many different reasons. In my modern world I have complete control over pretty much everything and this feeling of “being overwhelmed” is unnerving. I try and avoid it or dominate it, really whatever I can do to undo it. But I think I’m missing out on something important because of this. Continue reading

The Importance of Feeling Insignificant

The first day I moved to Manchester (almost two months ago now!) I walked quite a bit around the city centre. I was halfway trying to just stay awake, halfway powered by the adrenaline of having just moved to a new continent. I wanted to take in as much as I could. Plus it was a nice day without rain and I knew I had to take advantage of that.

crowdI was struck that day, as I have often been since, of my own insignificance. I passed hundreds, probably thousands, of people. Buses full of people. Cars struggling through the city traffic. People on the street hurrying to their next destination. All of these people could care less about me. I’m nothing important, especially to them. As the taller buildings in the centre loomed overhead I realised in a new way how insignificant I truly am. Continue reading

Day One

This is it, the first day of my new position. I am officially a Church Planting Resident at Riverside Community Church. My new office doubles as a storage space for chairs, and I’m actually not even there now because the desk is shared with some other people. Still I can’t help but feel excited. My work environment may be a little utilitarian, but, hey, this is church planting, people.

The first day of anything is easy to romanticize. It’s hard for me not to think of grand possibilities, not just in this year, but after my residency is up and the actual planting process begins. It’s also hard for me not to dwell on all the events, good and bad, that God used to direct me here. So in between the future and the past, I’m here now thinking of my new desk, surrounded by other people’s paperwork and other people’s chairs. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

New city, new church, new friendships and new risks. New fears, new disappointments, new sufferings and new mistakes.

The first day of anything is easy to romanticize, but I don’t care, I’ll do it a little anyway.