Last American Thanksgiving

My last American Thanksgiving was a normal Thanksgiving. There wasn’t any kind of grand revelation or overflow of emotion. It was a typical holiday well spent.

Last American ThanksgivingThese normal rhythms of familial celebrations will soon be disrupted, though. Next year, living in a new country with a new child surrounded by all sorts of new people, we will most definitely feel the loss of normality. I have fond memories of driving to our grandparents’ house as a child, seeing aunts, uncles and cousins, enjoying each other (as well as annoying each other). Our child won’t have those kind of memories, and there’s a type of loss in that. And especially the longer we stay in England, which is indefinite for now, something like Thanksgiving will be more foreign to our British child. Continue reading


birthdayToday is my birthday. A birthday is a significant marker in time and its significance is not lost on me. I get a little reflective when this day rolls around, ranging from excitement to sadness, from joy to shame. I suppose that’s typical for most people. My main thought of late has been, “I’ve had 33 years, and this is how far I’ve come? This is what I’ve done with my life?” Surely I should be farther along. But I’m not. And I think I’m OK with that. I’ve tried to be obedient to the days and years my Father has given me. Mostly. Well, maybe mostly. And I believe that I’ve been following where He’s told me to go. But some places He’s brought me haven’t been very enjoyable or productive. There’s nothing to show but the scars and marks of trudging through a deep valley. And even then, often I’m the only one who sees those. Continue reading

Jumping Off

I created the website. I drafted the first support letter. So…we’re really doing this?

Christina and I have been through some trials the past couple of years that severely eroded our safety and security in this world. So why in the world would we want to get into church planting? Why would we leap off the cliff of stability into the rocky world of planting a new church? Surely it’s not because we are extraordinarily heroic. In fact, we can probably say that it’s because of our recent trials that we feel led to go this way. God often uses times of intense suffering to draw us closer to Him. 2 Corinthians 1 teaches that as we share in suffering, we also share in His comfort. Continue reading